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Fyre Thieves

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire"

~Marshal Ferdinand Foch

Fire has romantically been called "The most tolerable third party" by Thoreau, and has indeed been welcomed by the Thieves as their third performer, drawing them together as a medium to present itself through Art and Dance. 

It is an uncontrollable, unpredictable element, and for this reason it dictates the mood of the show and requires flexibility and improvisation. The girls play with it, lighting one another's skin and feeding flames to each other using torches,fingertips, and mouths.

Tribal Style Bellydance is a secret language. Through verbal and visual communication, dancers are able to 'read' the other's movements onstage and predict the next step in the dance. This purely improvisational technique ensures that every show is different, and the dance becomes as much for each other as our audience.

The Fyre Thieves are Jeska Eichenberger and Jenn Burden. 

Watch The Thieves

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